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Hello, this is me, my name is Hannah and this is my webpageÖ thatís why it says Hannahís webpage at the topJ. My little green friend protecting my webpage is Blinky, he was abandoned as an egg but has led a surprisingly boring life since, apart from the visit to MarsÖbut weíre not supposed to talk about that.


First I suppose Iíd better get the boring bit out of the way. Iím Hannah, Iím a 19 year old trainee operating department practitioner (ODP), basically that means that I work in an operating theatre handling squishy bits. Itís fun and messy sometimes, but messy makes the fun more interesting. I live at home with my mum, dad and two brothers (Adam and Calum) Iím pretty sure that you know that already though. I also have a dog, Marcus, a mouse, HamandPork, and two fish, Paragon and Yar Burger. Iím currently trying to persuade my mum to let me buy a pair of rats, a pangolin, an elephant and a Komodo dragon; I donít think Iím really getting anywhere though. I like Babylon 5, music, animals, hats, socks and stripes; Iíve never done any hallucinogenic drugs despite what the people who hear my interests think. Iím learning to play the guitar, how to drive and how to speak whale (not really I just wanted to sound interesting. As soon as I get the hang of the guitar Iíll start though promise!). I think that that is really all I can say about myself I told you it would be boring, oh well on with the good stuff.


Tembo: The elephant I brought without my parents knowledge.


Humorous Operations: Invent your own operations, just donít try them at homeÖunless you REALLY want to.


Music: The stuff I listen to, it had to be on here really didnít it.


Books: The stuff I read, it didnít have to be on here really but it is so tough.


My Family: Itís just like the very funny TV series.


You can email me if you want, I donít mind. Tell me whatís crap about my site, things you wanna know whatever