‘Hi Everybody’                       


Of course working in an operating theatre I get to see all sorts of interesting operations. When I started I was given a sheet of paper full of medical prefixes and suffixes which I found could be used to give all sorts of new interesting operations.


 For example:                                                                                    


*Proctocleisis – from procto (anus) and cleisis (closure), meaning the closure of the anus.

*Ectophleblysis – from ecto (exterior), phleb (vein) and lysis (freeing of), meaning freeing of the veins to the exterior.

*Mastdesis – from mast (breast) and desis (fusing of the) or fusing of the breasts.


They sound fun don’t they :-s (I’m pretty sure that these particular operations don’t often happen J ).


Below are a few more prefixes and suffixes, feel free to mail me you humorous ideas for operations.



An – without

Ante – before

Anti – against                                                                                              

Dys – difficult, disordered, painful

Ecto – exterior

Endo – interior

Intra – inside, during.




Cleisis – closure, occlusion

Desis – fusion

Ectomy – surgical excision

Itis – inflammation

     Lysis – freeing of, reduction of

    Ostomy – creation of an opening



Root words

Blepharo – eyelid

Cardi – heart

Col – colon                                                    

Cranio – skull

Derma – skin

Entero – intestines

Ophthalm – eye

Orchio – testicle

Procto – anus

Rhino – nose



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