Music is usually a really important part of most peoples culture, there are many types, most of which Iíll listen to and donít mind, but my real favourite is metal / rock. Most of the new crap, the stuff that pretends its metal / rock, offends me. I mean whatís the point? We all know that youíre just pop with drums, donít get me started. The CDs I have been playing most often recently include the new Evanescence CD, Fallen, Marilyn Mansonís most recent creation, The Golden Age of Grotesque and Metallicaís St. Anger.


One of the things that will be featured on this page will be a select few albums lyrics; these will be added as and when though so excuse the irregularity.


In December (the 12th I think) Iíll be going to see Iron Maiden at Earls Court so a bit about that will probably end up on here as well.


If you have any suggestions as to music I should be listening to mail me and let me know what they are, as I said Iíll listen to most thingsÖwell except country!


†† Fallen






The Golden Age of Grotesque