Some details about the important people in my life

Most important and beloved of all the people in my life is my partner, Helen. My significant other, my better half, my beloved and the other half of my heartbeat, my life would be intolerable without her love and support. Helen and I have been together since 1996 and have lived together since 1997. We married on 16th August 2008. It was, and I suspect always will be, the best day of my life. Helen has three children whom I adore; eldest to youngest is Hannah, Adam and Calum. Hannah is a proud mum of three and is married to David Hanks, a top bloke who I love having in our family. Adam is a successful programmer having graduated from Staffordshire University and lives with Roisin Cullen who is lovely. Calum is an artisan baker working at Mayfield Farm bakery and brings us home some awesome bread. They have many and varied interests, which you can learn about on this site if they have updated their pages lately.

Next up we have my mother and father, John and Jenn. My Mum is going through an incredibly hard time at the moment, as she has a severe stomach problem which causes her to require repeated hospitalization as well as crushed vertebrae in her back resulting in limited mobility. My father died on January 20th 2003 whilst undergoing his second series of chemotherapy treat for his lung cancer. He is sorely missed by many people myself chief among them.

Andy 'IronSpike' Bishop

On to my friends . Oldest friend of all is Andy, the Ironspike, bane of rabbits and the keeper of Cobra Mk III's. Andy has an irrepressible spirit and although thoughtful and deep always seems to be happy and willing to lend an ear or a hand. Andy is married to Sally, a lovely person whom I don't know half as well as I would like. Andy and Sally live a good 3-4 hours drive from Helen and I so we don't get as much real world interaction as we'd like, but the net does help to keep us all together, as we all have Windows Messenger and nice internet connections. Andy has joined me in my addiction to Bioware's Neverwinter Nights.

This is Sally on the beach at Wells enjoying the cold :-)

Luke 'Hairy' Samuels

Luke or ‘Ole Hairy is also an old friend from ‘back in the day’ in the late eighties We originally met when I was chatting up his girlfriend, but we soon discovered we had something else in common. Dungeons and Dragons. (I can hear the clicks of people leaving the page in droves ;-) ) We've never looked back and still talk about playing even now. In fact, we had a game for my Stag Do when I got married. Yeah, I’m a party animal ;-) Lukes computer was upgraded not so long ago purely so he could play Neverwinter Nights. Once a week now, Luke Andy and I kick arse together in the lands of the forgotten realms. Luke is a trustworthy, intelligent and caring kind of a person although you'll never be able to tell that from the image of him I'm going to post. Luke is married to Helen and has a beautiful daughter, Freya. Luke and Helen also live 2-3 hours away from Helen and I so again, we don't see as much of each other as we would like.


Jenny is a very kind and caring person and seems to be honestly fulfilled by helping the people she cares about. Another person I would like to know better than I do.This is Jenny, throwing shapes in the church of dance in a club in Derby.

Ant 'Leatherballs' George

Lastly (for the time being) Ant, or Leatherballs as he is sometimes known. Ant has decided that I’ve done something to offend him and he and I no longer see each other. I miss him.

Another friend of the long standing variety, Ant was my fellow computer geek. When I want to talk techie, Ant was the man to listen and understand whatever the hell it is I'm talking about. Ant's love of gadgets equals my own as well, so we have a whole lot in common as well as a long history together. Ant is a programmer, so his skills compliment mine, as I'm a networking/hardware/applications kind of a guy. Ant has really been there in times of need for me in the past, and for that alone, I will always love him. Ant is a stubborn sod and refuses to upgrade his machine sufficiently to play Neverwinter Nights with me and the lads (How is that Kyro?).

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