This page will be themed about things that have occurred to me, random thoughts and wondering's and probably the occasional rant. Everything expressed on this page is just that, expression and opinion. Don't take any of it too seriously.

Life After Death?

Is there an afterlife? Okay, we might as well start with the big questions. I think there is, but I don't know what you have to do / who you have to please to get there. I don't know if it's reincarnation, but that has always seemed unlikely to me. Surely reincarnation as other species would mean that as the human race grows in number, dies and gets reborn as an animal of some sort, the number of animals increases? This isn't the case with most species today, whose numbers are generally on the decrease. Does that just mean that all the squirrels are attaining a higher spiritual plane and being reincarnated as humans? I don't think so, so reincarnation has always been out for my belief structure.

God and religion. Well, now, I definitely believe in a God. You can't look at a mountain, or out across the ocean or into the inner working of any living animal without seeing the hand of God at work. Not if you're rational and have your eyes open, but as to which religion has the right answer, well. I'd have to say none of the ones I've ever come across. Most religions have a lot in common, they teach that theirs is the one true faith, they lay down a few rules that usually translate to 'live healthily and respect each other' but as man translates these and puts them in to action, all I see is man serving himself. Using religion to gain power, to hold power and to increase the church's popularity to increase its power base yet further. To raise money 'for the church'. I'm not saying all churches are run by power mongers, but all organized religions certainly seem to be. I don't think, as a species, we are equipped to 'know God'. I think we can be dimly aware of aspects of divinity, but I just don't think we have the senses to perceive God as he/she truly is. God is too big to see. Can an ant perceive what you are when you pick it up? I think not, so I leave religion alone. I think religion is a man-made thing. I don't think God is a man-made or fictional thing though. I can feel God's presence at times, and I have drawn strength from it. I derive satisfaction in imagining that there is a 'heaven' for us all to go to, and I'm small enough to like the idea of there being a 'hell' for those who do wrong. I like to believe that in a way we are all our own God. We can do things that we may want to do, but if we do them, we feel guilty and wish we hadn't done them. To me that is the definition of right and wrong. Doing the right thing means not wishing you hadn't done it later and hating yourself for doing it. I think that that is how God guides each of us. Of course, we have free will, so we can and do do the things which make us feel bad about ourselves, so in some ways my views on God tie up nicely with the churches'.

But as for an afterlife, I can't really believe in that either. I can't prove it exists, and I see no real evidence for it. That doesn't mean it's not there, I just can't see a rational explanation for an afterlife. For me, I believe that this is it, life is all we have, and it's short, it's hard, it's full if struggle, but the little joys make it worth all the pain and hardship. The feeling I get when I put my arms around Helen is enough alone.

I like some of the theology presented in Babylon 5. We are the universe trying to understand itself. There are no second chances. We guide ourselves, and we know what is right and what is wrong. If we make the wrong choices, we punish ourselves. As Shakespeare so accurately wrote 'To thine own self be true'. It seems to me to be the only way to live in good conscience.

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