Andy And Sally's Wedding March 30 th 2002

It was my proud pleasure to see my oldest friend Andy, married to the woman of his dreams Sally, on March 30th 2002 on a beautiful sunny day. I played a small role in the proceedings as an usher at the church, and below you will see us all dressed up to the nines in our best suits (well, Moss. Bros.' best suits).

From left to right, we have Jenny (Partner of Luke), Andrew The man of the Hour, Ian standing at the back, Luke the Best Man and myself posing for the nice photographer.

Left to right, we have Anthony the usher, Andy the groom, Luke the best man and Alex the usher.

The happy couple, Andy and Sally. I think they look great together, and that they'll have a long life of love and happiness together.

A fabulous day was had by all, with the sun shining, everyone in a good mood, and everything worked out perfectly.

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